Gardeners World – A Gentle Gardening Life in Gascony

Gardeners World – Gascony France Gascony in the late Autumn is a wonderful place for a gardener. With a fragrant ancient rose in my front basket, I rode a vintage bicycle through the rolling countryside, passing through tiny villages, long since settled deep into the countryside, as much a part of the land as the crops and the great flocks of birds … Continue reading

Gardeners World – A Leaf from the Gardeners in Catalan

Gardeners World – Catalonia Spain Taking a solitary stroll around the Catalonian hilltop village, Castelló d’Empúries, I spy the thriving allotments of the locals. I have devoured the excellent local cuisine, and am eager take a closer look at the fresh produce and a gardener’s life in Northern Spain. There is a sleepy ancient town in Spain, where quaint allotments nestle … Continue reading

Gardeners World – A Patch in the Garden of Ghana

Gardeners World – Ghana “Come to my garden!” my companion was insistent. We were squatting in the dust together outside her makeshift bedroom, eating fatty cow’s hoof, tomato broth and pounded plantain and cassava from the same bowl with our right hands. I was curious. As the weeks had passed by I had received many pressing invitations from the villagers … Continue reading

Benefits of Having Your Own Vegetable Garden

Are you looking for Garden Ideas ? For every person, keeping a healthy body should be of great importance. If you agree then taking up vegetable gardening might provide an enjoyable and healthy solution. Look no further – Consider this –  A Vegetable Garden One way to stay fit and healthy is by having proper nutrition such as by eating … Continue reading

Vegetable Gardening Tips

A Beginners guide – Choosing vegetable varieties to grow There are lists of recommended varieties of every vegetable that can be grown but if you really want to know which is best and will grow easily in your garden or which tomato has the best flavour you will need to tap into the experience of local vegetable gardeners and growers. If … Continue reading