Do You Ever Wonder About Your Garden Plants ?

Do you ever wonder about your garden plants, think or speculate curiously, find yourself filled with admiration, amazement or awe. Talk to your Garden Plants! I’ve long believed that all living things have something to say, if we only knew how to listen. Humans have talked to their garden plants and anthropomorphized them in folklore and mythology for centuries, but … Continue reading

Gardening Tips in the Southwest USA – Which Garden Plants

There are always useful snippets or gardening tips related information to be gleaned for your home garden whilst travelling around or when on holiday. This article gives a clear account of which garden plants would suit the prevailing conditions at home. See what plants do well and if those same conditions apply in your own garden the chances are that … Continue reading

Bougainvillea for the Garden

Bougainvillea make great Outdoor or Indoor plants. The Bougainvillea makes a great plant for most gardens, by most I mean those that are situated in the warmer garden zones. Fast growing in most cases and can be used in many situations – climbing, rambling, trailing, free-standing and makes a great Bonsai. In the colder climates they are considered tender and usually used as … Continue reading

Winter Gardening – Benefits of Trimming and Pruning

There are two types of Winter Gardening The first kind of winter gardening does not necessarily require you to go out and do actual gardening. In this type of gardening, you just have to lounge in your favorite chair while going over gardening catalogues which usually arrive in the mail by January. You can either envision how you would create your … Continue reading