Finding those Garden Design Ideas

Finding those inspirational garden design ideas is often no more challenging than booking a holiday or researching a holiday location Today, more than ever before with the help of the Internet it is ridiculously simple to search out others recommendations for any given area of interest, in any given location, whether it be alpine gardens or a grand courtyard garden incorporating architecture and planting design ideas. The … Continue reading

Garden ideas from other peoples Gardens

Visiting other people gardens is a great way to discover new garden design ideas and get some inspiring gardening tips into the bargain. Is this just a British thing or are there schemes in other countries where the general public are invited in to private gardens. The British do not appear to worry too much about the security issues involved. Gardeners in … Continue reading

Gardeners World – A Gentle Gardening Life in Gascony

Gardeners World – Gascony France Gascony in the late Autumn is a wonderful place for a gardener. With a fragrant ancient rose in my front basket, I rode a vintage bicycle through the rolling countryside, passing through tiny villages, long since settled deep into the countryside, as much a part of the land as the crops and the great flocks of birds … Continue reading

Make your own Artificial Rockery

Most gardeners have found that building rock gardens can sometimes cause an issue or two – Weight, Transporting, Environmental, Availability, Positioning and Colour. Here in China there is no shortage of Rock in all types, shapes and sizes but that does not stop them, making their own. This technique is best for the larger size Rocks. Constructing the metal rod and mesh framework takes the … Continue reading

Containers for the Garden

Containers for the Garden – Tips and Ideas The main challenge in creating containers for the garden is at the planning stage. There are many ways in which you can obtain information on container gardening, such as the Internet, local library, or local bookstore. These resources can give you valuable information from beginning this type of gardening, to seeing it … Continue reading