Silica Gel Packets in the Garden

Silica gel packet open with contents showingHere is a great Gardening Tip

You must have seen them, those little packets around about the same size as a tea bag and you find them in all kinds of products. They are there because Silica Gel is a desiccant. It’s sole purpose in the product you buy is to adsorb and hold onto any humidity that may exist within the product or packaging. You often find these little Silica Gel Packets in electrical goods, leather products, handbags, purses and the like. You may even come across them in food products.

Don’t throw those Silica Gel Packets away – Hang on to them – This is why!

These often disposed of Silica Gel Packets can be emptied out into your hanging baskets, your patio pots, your garden containers, even around newly planted trees and shrubs.Silica gel packets

They will absorb and store water. They do retain water and it is available to the plant when drying out occurs. Sometimes the particle size may be smaller than what you might find in the proprietary brands in your local garden center or garden shop but do not let that put you off, these are FREE, well, not really, someone has already paid for them. So ask around, friends, relatives, work colleagues, most people throw them away.

I addition, they can also be used if you store seeds, just place a packet in with your seeds, it will help prevent excessive moisture build up.

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