September Garden Tips and Ideas

Gardening tips ideas default imageGardening Tips for the month of SEPTEMBER – Early Autumn Fall

  1. Days are getting a little shorter now, depending on local weather conditions keep an eye on watering and feeding routines, you might need to adjust slightly
  2. Clematis can still be propagated by layering through September
  3. Lawns maintenance can be carried out
  4. Save your seed heads, September is a good month for collecting seed
  5. If you did not trim your Lavender plants last month, do it now
  6. Conifer cuttings can be taken now – From late Summer to Autumn fall end
  7. You can still get a late sowing of salad crops going early September
  8. Beetroots are still available
  9. Hanging Baskets and Containers will still need watering and feeding
  10. Anything growing in the Greenhouse will still need watering
  11. Slugs and snails still need to be under control – Watch out for and destroy any slug eggs you find
  12. September is a good month for planting larger container grown shrubs and container grown tree’s
  13. Bedding plants may still need watering
  14. Any patio pots that are past their best, replace with them with autumn bedding plants – Herbs make a good display at this time of year
  15. Sweetcorn if there are any left can still be gathered
  16. WEEDING – Dig up if you see them any perennial weeds – Weedkillers are not so effective at this time of year
  17. You can carry on taking Pelargonium cuttings – Don’t over do it though as these cuttings will need to over wintered frost free
  18. Herbaceous plants can be lifted and divided
  19. Consider any new bulbs – You can start buying around the end of the month for planting out a little later
  20. If planing to plant Spring containers – Spring flowering bulbs can be planted now
  21. September is a great month for digging over any areas that require it
  22. Rambling roses can be prunes now
  23. If you still have a plentiful supply of unripened tomato’s, put them in a draw or cupboard with a banana
  24. Celery should be just about ready now
  25. September is a good month for planning next year’s garden – Order your seed catalogues
  26. Any onions left in the ground need lifting
  27. Mulching can be carried out now
  28. Turn the compost
  29. Mid to Late September is a good time for buying new plants for the garden
  30. Some dead heading still required
  31. Trim your summer flowering hedge
  32. Harvest your raspberries when ready and prune back any fruiting canes to ground level
  33. Apples are becoming ready
  34. Fancy a Blueberry – Now is the time to plant
  35. Check on the pond – Maintain as necessary

Gardening Ideas for the month of SEPTEMBER

As autumn fall sets in and leaves are falling a garden idea you could consider! -  Making your own leaf mould…
Quite easy to do, run over the leaves with a lawn mower, chopping them up into small pieces.
At this stage you have a choice – If you have a small garden and not so many leaves I would suggest you take a fairly strong household black bin liner and make a few holes in it
Add the leaves to the bag, don’t forget to run the mower over them, add a little water, tie the bag up and store in shady area.
They will need to be left for about a year, so this time next year you should have some nice composted leaf litter for using as a mulch

Another option and this might apply if you have a larger garden with plenty more leaves is to make a wire mesh leaf bin
This can be located in a shady area of the garden and the mown leaves can be added over the autumn fall period
It should not be bigger than about 4/5 foot square and about 2/3 foot high – It may need turning early next summer.
This method and a bin of this size will probably require more time for the leaves to break down.
My advice would be to make smaller bins, say, 2/3 feet sq and about 2/3 feet high.

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