Outdoor Container Garden Ideas

Container garden ideas are plentiful around the web but few really stand out out with fresh new thinking, albeit with an old fashioned favourite, after all, a container is a container but sometimes those container gardens take on a whole new look with carefully chosen planting schemes. It is great to see that old trusted colourful, almost non-flowering plant making a comeback, I am referring of course to the Coleus. The Victorians certainly new a good thing when they saw it…

container garden
Container gardening gives everyone an opportunity to experience the joy of gardening. It doesn’t matter if you have a large yard, small yard, no yard or just a deck or balcony. Outdoor container gardening is a quick way to add a splash of color to what outside space you do have. There is no limit to what you can plant in outdoor containers; flowers, herbs, vines, and even vegetables. All it takes are [...]

More pictorial container garden ideas. Well-planned window boxes will be dense with foliage even when flowers are scarce.