October Garden Tips and Ideas

Gardening Tips for the month of OCTOBER – Mid Autumn Fall

Sow lawn seed
Take Conifer cuttings
Sow early Broad Beans – For early crop next year
Plant gooseberry bushes – Bare Root are often cheaper than containerised
Plant Hardy Herbs
Plant containerised Trees
Pest watch – Slugs and snails
Weather Watch
Plant Onion sets for next year crop
Pruning – Large bush roses – Deciduous shrubs – Prune Raspberries – Currants
Ripen your late tomato’s – Place in a drawer with a banana
Sow Green Manure seeds
Most Fruits are now ready to harvest
Mow the lawn
Sow winter salad crops under glass
Plant Rhubarb
Turn the compost heap
Clean out the greenhouse
Keep the pond clear of leaves
Dig over the vegetable garden
Harvest carrots
Begonia Tubers need to be dried out and stored
Lift any Dahlia tubers you want to keep
Collect up any leaves as they fall for your leaf mould bin
Plant your Spring Bulbs
Start off your Hyacinth bulbs
Think about protecting any tender plants, before the frost – Bananas etc
Mulch your beds
Lift and move any shrubs in the wrong place

Gardening Ideas for the month of OCTOBER

Plan a new garden layout
Make willow obelisks

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