November Garden Tips and Ideas

Gardening Tips for the month of NOVEMBER – Late Autumn Fall

Feed the birds
Force chicory
Sow early broad beans
Prune deciduous trees
Plant gooseberry bushes
Watch out for pests
Plant early peas
Harvest brassicas
Collect up leaves
Sow a new lawn
Prepare the greenhouse for winter
Plant onions and garlic
Propagate from hardwood stems
Insulate your greenhouse
Plant out wallflowers
Plant winter baskets with early flowering bulbs
Grease band Fruit Trees
Protect patio plants – Move against a warm wall
Last chance to sow winter salad seeds
Turn the compost
Prune blackberries
Dig over vegetable beds
Tidy hardy perennials
Replant hedges
Force hyacinth bulbs
Get ponds ready for winter
Tidy up and Mulch your beds
Protect vulnerable plants from frost
Plant tulips
Prune Trees

Gardening Ideas for the month of NOVEMBER

Build a pergola

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