March Garden Tips and Ideas

Gardening Tips for the month of MARCH – Early Spring

Feed the birds
Check for vine weevils – Check for grubs in pots of known hosts
Purchase young plants for growing on – Geraniums, Fuchsias etc
Plant hellebore’s for seasonal colour
Spring mulch your vegetable plot – Add a thick layer of mulch
Plant summer flowering lily bulbs
Last chance to prune summer flowering clematis
Watch out for emerging pests – Aphids indoors or undercover
Lift and divide any large overgrown herb plants – Clump forming Mint, Chives etc
Hard prune your shrubs – Reshaping and removing any dead or unwanted
Prune Buddleia – Hard
Prune hardy fuchsias – Hard
Plant out early potatoes if chitted earlier – Weather permitting
Sow tomato seeds in indoors – sunny windowsill or propagator
Check the lawn – might need to start cutting – Also Spring feed
Deadhead winter baskets and containers
Make sure your Greenhouse is clean and ready for work
Propagate your overwintered dahlias – Place in trays of damp compost undercover for sprouting
Start sowing your summer bedding plants undercover
Lift and divide up any older herbaceous perennials – Should be done every 3 years – But can be done every year if big enough, good way to increase numbers
Turn the compost
Sow beetroot seeds – Protect
Sow courgette seeds – Windowsill or propagator
Plant a new hedge – Bare-root
Mulch around Magnolias – Should be showing flower
You can start feeding plants now
Liquid feed houseplants
Prune evergreen hedges – When showing new growth

Gardening Ideas for the month of MARCH

Plan for the coming new year

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