Make your own Artificial Rockery

rockery GardenMost gardeners have found that building rock gardens can sometimes cause an issue or two – Weight, Transporting, Environmental, Availability, Positioning and Colour.
Here in China there is no shortage of Rock in all types, shapes and sizes but that does not stop them, making their own.
This technique is best for the larger size Rocks.

Constructing the metal rod and mesh framework takes the most time and planning, the laying on of the cement covering is relatively quick and easy.


The two pictures below show the metal framework and covering.


These next two pictures show a lakeside edge artificial Rockery in Nanning Guangxi China, the line of rocks are all man-made using the process shown above.


And finally, the real thing…

If your looking for great information on making your own natural looking rocks and troughs, for your garden then look no further than this great Ebook giving you all the required information enabling you to creat a fantastic looking display with Hyper Tufa.