What is lawn overseeding?

Tips for improving my lawn by Overseeding – Re-seeding

Overseeding is one of the lawn practices that confuse beginners and novices the most.
Whenever I see it referenced with regard to lawn care the explanation given is always either over complicated or too vague.
It’s a term picked up from the professional green keepers, basically, in areas where they require the grass to be thicker, more robust, they regularly scatter extra seed, they overseed the area.

Now it appears the term is used for every instance of sowing lawn seed, for whatever reason.

Where can I buy good quality grass lawn seed?

So from our garden viewpoint, overseeding is not overseeding at all, most of the time it’s just re-seeding.

Re-seeding involves the putting down of a little grass seed in areas that need it, a dead patch, an area of thinly growing grass.

If you have just de-thatched or scarified your lawn then scatter a few handfuls of grass seed over the area or use a push along lawn spreader.
That’s it, nothing complicated.
Best time, in the Autumn Fall, the same time as sowing a new lawn.

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