June Garden Tips and Ideas

Gardening Tips for the month of JUNE – Early Summer

Most everything is now growing strongly
Plant your summer bedding
Water plants, baskets and containers
Pond – Watch out for early growth of blanket weed
Prune any early flowering Shrubs that have finished flowering
Watch out for carrot fly
Sow climbing, dwarf and runner beans outside
Plant young bean plants
Plant out any courgettes and squash young plants started earlier
Sow biennials such as Sweet William’s and wallflowers
House plants – Water and check for pests
Pinch out fuchsia growing tips for bushier plants
Plant out your bedding plants
Watch out for aphids, white fly and other pests
Ventilate greenhouse – Get ventilation and humidity right – Keep humidity low
Watch out for signs of mildew
Layer any strongly growing plants for increased numbers
Consider companion planting – Marigolds around tomatoes – Garlic around roses
Pinch out side shoots of chillies and peppers plants in containers last month
Mow the lawn
Onions may be ready – From sowings made in the Autumn
Careful watch for Lily beetles – Check under leaves
Turn the compost
Keep your eye on the watering – Water if dry spell – Especially pots and containers
Prune actively growing hedges into shape
Feeding plants regularly now
Plant out tomatoes
Fertilise your Rose bushes
Plant young celery plants
Propagate shrubs by taking softwood cuttings – Philadelphus, Hydrangeas and Forsythias all root fairly easily
Propagate herbs by taking cuttings now
Watch out for slugs and snails
More weeding
Keep root vegetables well watered
Harvest those lovely early potatoes
Plant up containers for the patio – Geraniums, Fuchsias etc
Sunflowers sown last month might need staking
Check for vine weevil beetles on leaves of known hosts

Gardening Ideas for the month of JUNE


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