Herb Garden Tips and Ideas

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Fresh Garden HerbsHerbal Garden – Growing Herbs at Home

Herbs can easily be grown in a home herb garden, making them always available. There is nothing more convenient than having fresh herbs readily available for cooking or for use as homeopathic remedies. Although it may seem difficult at first, it can be a simple, yet fulfilling process of growing your own herbs in your own herb garden .

The first thing required to grow herbs is the knowledge about the various types of herbs that can be planted, and how to nurture herbs for one’s particular needs. One will also need to choose a particular location that will be suitable for the growing and nurturing of herbs. The right location means the best quality herbs that can be grown.
There are many benefits to growing herbs at home, instead of relying on grocery stores to supply one’s herbal needs. The most obvious benefit is that one will never have to make last minute drives to a grocery store to get an herb that you need for a particular recipe. A herb garden will always provide fresh herbs within seconds. One never knows how long herbs have been sitting in a grocery store.

Another benefit of having a home herb garden is that it can readily be used for decorating a home with the smells of fresh Lavender or Rosemary to name a few and adding variety to a home garden. The fragrance is mesmerizing and has natural powers to calm the senses. There is no comparison between the fragrance of fresh herbs and bottled dried herbs.
Herbs are also known for its use in homeopathic therapy or medicinal properties. They can provide one of the most natural home remedies for a variety of common ailments, such as cold sores, pain, swelling, and lesions. In a time where people are turning more to natural than chemically made foods and medicines, herbal varieties provide an alternative to western medicine and chemically processed foods. This is a great reason to begin growing your own herbs.

 Some Herb gardening tips and ideas:-

1) Know what type of herbs one wants to grow – Before buying seeds or herbal clippings for a garden, one must consider the living location and climate. Different herbs have different needs. This is where research becomes important. Although research takes time, it will well be worth it in the end when beautiful herbs fill one’s home garden. Always consider the purpose for growing one’s own herbs, as this will assist one in choosing the right herbs to plant, nurture, and grow. Decide if it is for cooking, decorating, medicinal, or all.

2) Choosing the best location – Most herbs will require at least six to eight hours of daylight each day. Herbs need to be grown in a spot that receives the most sunlight, as it does not grow well in shady areas. The soil in which the herbs are planted needs to be well fertilized at all times, and have proper watering drainage. The most preferred soil for growing herbs in one that is alkaline based. Organic fertilizer is also a great alternative.

3) Provide herbs with lots of care – In addition to appropriate amounts of sunlight and high-quality soil, herbs need water and lots of care. Herbs need to be watered at least two times a week, or when the soil is noticed to be dry. Herbs also need to be protected from harmful bugs and insects. Although growing herbs should be the most natural process, insecticides need to be used to protect it from these harmful pests. There are organic and safe varieties of insecticides available on the market. Some herbs require a little grooming, and not be allowed to grow wild and out-of-control, defeating the purpose of having a well-maintained herbal garden. If growth of herbs is not control, it can weaken or kill other herbs or plants in one’s garden. If trimming one’s herbs seems like too much work, it can be planted in pots to maintain its growth pattern.

Growing a herb garden is an easy and rewarding process, as long as one follows the tips and guides mentioned above. The many benefits of owning an herbal garden is worth the time in studying its properties and benefits. It is an inexpensive garden that multiplies itself in benefits. Always remember, before starting an herbal garden, do some research, choose the best spot, provide the best soil, nurture it with water, protect it from pests, and love the benefits it provides.

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