What makes a good Garden Landscape

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A good garden landscape not only requires a good garden but also a happy fulfilled gardener

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For me, gardening means actually being in it, I don’t mean being in the garden as such, I mean, being in the actual process of gardening, in all its forms. I can think of nothing more unfulfilled than creating or acquiring a garden that does not require continued involvement from the owner. Over the years I have found those that are in the gardening process are some of the happiest fulfilled people around.

Here are some of the views expressed by others when asked “What makes a good garden”

What makes a garden good? For me it can be summed up in three words “soothing and engaging”.
Soothing. In the garden that I love the sense of balance and the feeling of tranquillity gets absorbed from the garden almost directly into the soul. It’s like the garden has found a way to bypass the logical part of my mind and connect through all the senses straight into my soul.
The balance and tranquillity come from the blend and combination of colour, shapes, textures, smells and sounds. Yes sounds because the best gardens to me have unique and relaxing sounds that come from nature. It can be birdsong, it can be running water and it can be the way that the garden channels the wind.
A good garden to me also has a little bit of ruggedness to it. It is a true reflection of nature in its combination of colour, shapes and textures. Not too ordered and not too bold.
An hour in a good garden is like a week on vacation – relaxing, uplifting and reviving.

We have all seen beautiful gardens. For most people that love the outdoors and nature, a good garden is something they cherish and desire. So what makes a good garden? Maintenance is the first key to having that beautiful and well tended garden that will be the envy of many.
Maintenance and tending will involve a lot of dirt, pruning, picking blooms and deadheads. It is also very important to follow the weather conditions. If it is during the rainy season, then you would need to ignore watering your plants to avoid drowning them. Alternatively if it’s dry, then you would need to water them adequately to prevent them from drying up.

For people who love gardening, it is a way to express one’s love for nature. Individuality is designing the garden space to go well with your home’s architecture, this will be the key to a great garden.
Choosing plants will be the next step after settling on a layout. Plants should be chosen so that the texture, color and sizes all fit well together.
A good garden will tell you the owner’s individuality. It will welcome people in with warm hospitality. Collaborate your home with your garden creatively and where possible use the natural landscape that is available to you.

The design of a garden is totally a personal thing. It is also regarded as an expression of one’s personality. Things that a person likes might not be preferred by others. There are people who like tidy gardens whereas there are some who prefer thrill of windy paths. Generally, there are three different styles of garden. These are formal, semi-formal and informal. These can be further divided into several kinds of gardens depending on your choice.

If you want to make your garden impressive then you can follow few valuable tips mentioned in this short note. Experts suggest Mediterranean garden, English cottage, tree garden, tropical garden and formal gardens are most impressive.

  •  Mediterranean garden: it is a time consuming method in which you can do plantation of Bougainvillea, citrus trees, and olive trees.
  • English Cottage: in this category people can use roses, daisies, lavender, ivy types, daffodils, jasmine and other flowering plants.
  • Tree Garden: another time taking process but very attractive. Once the plantation is done properly there will be enough shades and greenery everywhere. Citrus trees are best in such type of gardens.
  • Formal Garden: this garden is best for residential and small areas. Plantation of fruit trees comes under this type.
  • Tropical Garden: many people love the tropical climate. Plants for dry or wet tropics are available in the market that can be used in this garden.

A good garden landscape should not only be for your viewing pleasure but should also be pleasant for others. Obviously it should be well designed and should contain some of your favorite flowers or trees, maybe even plants that you can relate to or can take you back to your childhood or happy memories. But a good garden is not just that. You need to feel connected to the nature and feel a sense of peace, quiet and connection. It needs to be a place where you love spending time, be it for reading, meditating or just contemplating. If you seek for relaxation, a great garden should give you that. You can put fountains or even other water features to enhance the sense of a natural landscape and give you that extra element that is best suited to bring you in a good mood. A walk in a good garden should make you come alive, feel peaceful and happy.

A good garden must reflect something of you and have the ability to bring pleasure when spending time within it  A garden must be in balance with your house and climate especially when you want a beautiful garden all year round. A garden landscape with trees appears well rounded with a bench under it. A magnificent fountain significantly changes even the dullest garden when used as a focal point.
Bringing a bit of color into your garden strategically is a good option when you use consistency throughout. Often the simplicity of a garden landscape with one focal point especially when size and space is a problem is a good option. Your own preferences concerning lawn, paving or pebbled walkways are a matter of personal preference.
Your ultimate goal in creating a great garden is pleasing yourself and others who will spend time in the garden. Sitting in the shade on comfortable garden furniture, hearing the fountain dribbling over rocks, birds singing in a tree and the fresh fragrance of flowers in bloom, now that is a great garden.

What makes a good garden? In essence a good garden is a garden that will exhibit uniqueness in its formation. Well, gardening is more or less something one does to express him or herself through style, function and design. Therefore a good garden landscape should incorporate a number of architectural elements. It should be able to capture your vision as you move from one point to the other whereby you will find interesting things around every turn. A good garden will incorporate properly designed pathways,some signature plants that will give that garden its life and formation as well as enough space for you and the family to utilise.

A good garden is one which is not only welcoming and conducive in terms of space and pathways, but it should incorporate features such as sculptures and architecture which will make the garden an entertaining and attractive place. Are there opportunities to expose your garden to wildlife and nature? This will be the hallmark of you gardening, blending your garden with nature to give a perfect sensation of originality. However, it will be essential to keep order as it will be you that needs to maintain it.

To make a good garden landscape, the first important thing that you need to understand is the design of the garden. Remember, design of the garden is about managing the available space. By utilizing geometrical shapes, triangles, circles and triangles, you can attain a unified feeling to your garden. Therefore, you should spare some time in thinking about ground patterns as well as the movement in your garden.

photo credit: ukgardenphotos via photopin cc


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