Gardening Tips in the Southwest USA – Which Garden Plants

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There are always useful snippets or gardening tips related information to be gleaned for your home garden whilst travelling around or when on holiday. This article gives a clear account of which garden plants would suit the prevailing conditions at home. See what plants do well and if those same conditions apply in your own garden the chances are that plant will also do very well. Here the author Matthew Stevens lays it out clearly.

In and around Tucson it is incredibly hot and dry. The average precipitation is only 12 inches, most of which comes in July and August. As such, their landscapes, and their lives to a degree, are really limited by the amount of available water. It is rare to see lawns anywhere- hardly any homes have lawns, and only a few residential areas do, because there is simply not adequate water to keep turf living in most situations. However, many homes and business are very responsible about water use and use cisterns to capture and store rain water for later use….]

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