Gardening Ideas to Attract Children

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Attract kids into GardeningGardening ideas for encouraging children in the garden

As the days get longer during the late Spring and Summer months, gardening outdoors becomes very enticing for adults, but how can it be attractive to children? It may be easy to first invite children to partake in a gardening project; however, holding their interest may be a challenge. Some preplanning on a variety of ways to keep children excited about a gardening project, could lead to a blossoming summer garden for all to enjoy and take pride in.

One idea in keeping children’s interest in gardening ideas is picking items that are not commonly seen by children. These items can range from exotic flowers to fruits and vegetables. Children are fascinated by the unknown items that they do not see regularly, or have never seen before. Some of these fascinations could include large or miniature pumpkins, mini cherry tomatoes, giant sunflowers, Strawflowers or other types of plants that are not commonly seen by children. Involving children in purchasing the seeds for these fascinating plants will also keep children involved, as everyday they will see new progress in what they planted. A variety of different colors, shapes, and size of the plants can entice children with nature, instead of spending hours indoors watching television or playing video games.

It is commonly know that the senses are the doorway to memory. Particular scents can bring back pleasant memories of the past in a split second. Encourage children to touch and smell the items they plant, and cook and eat the edible items they planted to encourage the creation of memories to last a lifetime.
Gardens also attract insects and bugs that can also be captivating to children. The butterflies and birds in a variety of colors and patterns are attracted to beautiful flowers, such as lilacs and roses, giving children a relationship that what they planted attracts certain insects. Not all insects are harmless, such as honeybees, but it is still alluring to children to observe what will be attracted to their garden. Each day can bring a new array of visitors.

A variety of herbs for cooking or homeopathic therapy can also provide children with using their sense of smell to create memories. Herbs used in cooking, and having children participate in the cooking with the herbs they have grown, will encourage them to continue their gardening project. It has to be fun and enticing.

Continue the captivating spirit between children and gardens by encouraging them and allowing them to participate in all areas of the gardening experience. From the picking of seeds, planting, watering, watching, and picking. Whether a child is a boy or girl, gardening during the beautiful summer months can create a memorable summer that will be cherished for years and shared with future generations. It not only generates memories for the children, but for the adults as well. Spending time with children can be such a cherished gift – something that money can’t buy.

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