Garden ideas from other peoples Gardens

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Garden design ideas from other peoples gardens

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Visiting other people gardens is a great way to discover new garden design ideas and get some inspiring gardening tips into the bargain.

Is this just a British thing or are there schemes in other countries where the general public are invited in to private gardens. The British do not appear to worry too much about the security issues involved. Gardeners in the UK are a trusting lot. Various schemes are run on a regular basis throughout the summer months.

And many a good garden ideas can be sussed from a casual afternoon out.

One such organisation in the UK is the NGS (National Garden Scheme) A charity offering over 3700 gardens to choose from and every year NGS gardens across England and Wales welcome about 750,000 visitors. They also publish an annual The Yellow Book, a guide to over 3,700 gardens, considered by many to be the ‘bible’ of garden visiting. Many of these gardens are town, urban or small gardens and many good small garden ideas can be taken away with you.

For example Rewela Cottage in Skewsby Yorkshire UK

¾-acre ornamental garden, designed by current owner, featuring unusual trees, shrubs, and architectural plants. Other features include a pond, pergola, natural stone sunken garden, breeze house, raised vegetable garden. May for rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias and spring bulbs. July for summer flowering plants, year round interest. Over 80 heucheras, 40 penstemons and 40 hostas in the garden

What is it about garden visiting that is so engaging, so fascinating and so inspiring?  Is it that we just want to have a nose at what others are doing on their plots so that we can ‘keep up with the Joneses’?  Engage with aspects of art, design & […]

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