Feburary Garden Tips and Ideas

Gardening Tips for the month of FEBURARY – Late Winter

Protect any early soft fruit blossom from frost damage if you can
Feed the birds
Plant hellebore’s for seasonal colour
Epimediums may require a tidy up – Frost damaged leaves
Last chance to prune Fruit Trees
Last chance to prune ornamental trees
Watch out for overwintering pests
Protect any patio plants and containers
Purchase any seeds for the coming season
Keep your pond clear of debris and try to stop it freezing over – Add a plastic ball – Also be careful of ice tearing the liner
Winter prune raspberries
Chit your seed potatoes
Check plants in containers outside – Make sure the drainage holes are not blocked, avoids pots cracking
Prune summer flowering clematis
Regular dead heading of indoor flowering plants
Deadhead winter bedding
Carry on taking hardwood cuttings
Sow your onion seeds indoors for harvesting in early Summer
Not too late for pruning free-standing fruit trees
Plant new fruit bushes
Turn the compost
Depending on seasonal weather – Daffodils might have started flowering or already flowered – Deadhead
Take root cuttings from perennial plants
You can lift outdoor Rhubarb now for forcing on in a cool greenhouse
Start sowing beetroot seeds outside – But give protection, cold frame or fleece
Lift and reposition any shrubs in the wrong place
Prune your shrubs – Prune dogwoods to base
Apply Mulch around your plants
Inspect your overwintering dahlia tubers – Keep them dry – Throw out anything soft or rotten
Camellia buds are vulnerable to frosts – Cover with fleece, if forecast

Gardening Ideas for the month of FEBURARY

Plan for the coming new year

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