Dethatching my lawn

Tips for improving my lawn by Dethatching – Scarifying

Also sometimes referred to as scarifying.
De-thatching will help with all sorts of lawn issues.
The ‘thatch’ is the dead, dying and decaying matted grass parts that accumulate on top of the soil at the base of the grass. Dethatching removes this.
Thatch can, restrict the circulation of air helping fungal issues to develop, restrict the free flow of water and stop valuable lawn fertiliser from reaching the desired spot.
Plus, if left, it looks unsightly and you will never achieve a super quality lawn with it in place.
Removing the thatch with a spring tine rake or scarifying – dethatching machine are the preferred choices for removal.
I would always carry out this work in the Autumn fall period, often together with aerating, the dethatching being the first stage of the operation.

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