Dethatching my lawn

Tips for improving my lawn by Dethatching – Scarifying Also sometimes referred to as scarifying. De-thatching will help with all sorts of lawn issues. The ‘thatch’ is the dead, dying and decaying matted grass parts that accumulate on top of the soil at the base of the grass. Dethatching removes this. Thatch can, restrict the circulation of air helping fungal issues to develop, restrict the free flow of water and stop valuable lawn fertiliser from reaching the desired spot. Plus, … Read More >

Improving my lawn by Aerating

Tips for improving my lawn by Aerating   Done in the Autumn Fall, aeration is one of the most important factors in keeping your lawn healthy and green as it deals directly with soil compaction and drainage issues. Aeration by removing “plugs” of soil from the ground helps to break up the compacted soil beneath your lawn. Aeration can help prevent thatch from building up in the grass. Aerating your lawn is necessary when you cannot push, or it is … Read More >

Lawn mowing the right way

steady pace to mow grass correctly

Is there a ‘right way’ to mow your grass? – YES First, lets set some parameters, we are not talking about a bowling green, tennis court, golf putting area or any other specialist lawn. – It is your garden lawn Ideal grass length for general garden use, sitting, walking or playing light games – optimum, one to one and a half inches long. So, most of the time this is the minimum length your grass will be, this is the … Read More >

Fertilizing my lawn

More Fertiliser does not mean Greener grass

Tips for improving my lawn by fertilising Grass clippings can provide most of the nutrients, nitrogen in particular, if the clippings are small enough to decompose quickly without forming mats on top of the living grass. Some recommend this method and I accept for the experienced it can be an effective way to recycle nitrogen and other nutrients back into the lawn soil.  The issues for me are, rarely are people advised when to do this – ONLY DO THIS … Read More >

What is lawn overseeding?

Tips for improving my lawn by Overseeding – Re-seeding Overseeding is one of the lawn practices that confuse beginners and novices the most. Whenever I see it referenced with regard to lawn care the explanation given is always either over complicated or too vague. It’s a term picked up from the professional green keepers, basically, in areas where they require the grass to be thicker, more robust, they regularly scatter extra seed, they overseed the area. Now it appears the … Read More >

Turf or Seed my lawn?

turf or seed my lawn

Which makes the best lawn: Turf or Seed? Whether it be Spring or Autumn fall, thoughts turn to lawns. Which is best, a seeded or turfed lawn? Here is my ‘Seed or Turf my lawn’ guide and checklist. Which is best? – I can honestly say that I have seen fine examples of both, seed and turfed lawns. It will be a matter for you to decide, either one can give great results. Laying turf On the plus side: It … Read More >