The World of Organic Gardening


The World of Organic Gardening – A Singapore Gardeners viewpoint Organic gardening isn’t without its controversies. On one hand, some claim that edible produce grown using organic methods are sweeter, healthier and much better for the land the crops are grown on. On the other hand, others say that whether it’s organic or not doesn’t make a difference to the taste of the crops grown or to the soil the plants grow on. I’ve always preferred the idea of using the organic method over chemical, … Read More >

Silica Gel Packets in the Garden

Silica gel packet open with contents showing

Here is a great Gardening Tip You must have seen them, those little packets around about the same size as a tea bag and you find them in all kinds of products. They are there because Silica Gel is a desiccant. It’s sole purpose in the product you buy is to adsorb and hold onto any humidity that may exist within the product or packaging. You often find these little Silica Gel Packets in electrical goods, leather products, handbags, purses and the like. You may even come … Read More >

A Garden can Change your Life

Inspirational Gardening inThailand

Gardening, whether it be in your own or a community garden is considered by many to be the most satisfying hobby, pastime or job on earth. For gardeners, it does not matter what they might be doing in the garden, planting a new Tree or Shrub, admiring the flowers, working on the vegetable plot or just pottering around, they find it satisfying, relaxing, therapeutic and giving them peace of mind into the bargain. It provides a private space of calm … Read More >

Saving water in your garden – Find out how

Water Wisely Small watering can

Water Wisely In The Garden and Beat any hose pipe ban Contrary to popular belief it is possible to have a beautiful colourful garden without using vast amounts of water and by taking on board the Water Wisely tips below you will at the very least, use far less water. Water conservation is important for gardeners. Saving water in your garden – To help you achieve this – Find out how to use Water Wisely Always water your garden in the cool of … Read More >

Bougainvillea for the Garden

Bougainvillea Example Pink White

Bougainvillea make great Outdoor or Indoor plants. The Bougainvillea makes a great plant for most gardens, by most I mean those that are situated in the warmer garden zones. Fast growing in most cases and can be used in many situations - climbing, rambling, trailing, free-standing and makes a great Bonsai. In the colder climates they are considered tender and usually used as either a patio plant and brought under cover in the winter or used as a house plant and maybe placed … Read More >

Make your own Artificial Rockery

rock Garden

Most gardeners have found that building rock gardens can sometimes cause an issue or two – Weight, Transporting, Environmental, Availability, Positioning and Colour. Here in China there is no shortage of Rock in all types, shapes and sizes but that does not stop them, making their own. This technique is best for the larger size Rocks. Constructing the metal rod and mesh framework takes the most time and planning, the laying on of the cement covering is relatively quick and easy.       The … Read More >

Containers for the Garden

Colourful Plants in containers for the garden

Containers used for Gardening – Tips and Ideas The main challenge in beginning container gardening is at the planning stage. There are many ways in which you can obtain information on container gardening, such as the Internet, local library, or local bookstore. These resources can give you valuable information from beginning this type of gardening, to seeing it to fruition. Size of Container There is a wide range of container sizes available to begin your container garden. The containers range … Read More >

Dealing with a Powdery Mildew Problem

powdery mildew on pumpkin

The Powdery mildew problem can be found on many garden plants. It is easy to spot, the whitish powder like covering spreads all over the leaves of the plant. It blocks the sunlight available to the leaves and can prevent the photosynthesis process from working efficiently. Resulting in the plant struggling to survive. Powdery mildew produces a light powder like covering on the leaves and stems normally white at first but overtime turning darker as the spores are produced. The leaves may distort, some may show yellowing … Read More >

Growing a Beautiful Shade Garden

The following are a few guiding principles that you can abide by in order to grow a garden that flourishes in partial or full shade. Choose the right type of shade. You can choose from a variety of shades depending on what type of plants you want to grow. One of the basic things to keep in mind is to choose a spot which gets direct sunlight especially in the morning. During the afternoon, the shade will protect the plants from … Read More >