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An important gardening tip - Garden blogs

An important Gardening Tip There is a tremendous resource available to anyone online in the form of Garden Blogs, some written by professionals and others by everyday gardeners. Some focusing on design others on vegetable growing, my backyard or wildlife in the garden. I have always found that by reading and seeing what others are doing can sometimes help. Gardening Tips and Garden Ideas can come from anywhere, a garden show, a television programme, a neighbour, a friend., even a gardening … Read More >

A Garden can Change your Life

Inspirational Gardening inThailand

Gardening, whether it be in your own or a community garden is considered by many to be the most satisfying hobby, pastime or job on earth. For gardeners, it does not matter what they might be doing in the garden, planting a new Tree or Shrub, admiring the flowers, working on the vegetable plot or just pottering around, they find it satisfying, relaxing, therapeutic and giving them peace of mind into the bargain. It provides a private space of calm … Read More >

Bougainvillea for the Garden

Bougainvillea Example Pink White

Bougainvillea make great Outdoor or Indoor plants. The Bougainvillea makes a great plant for most gardens, by most I mean those that are situated in the warmer garden zones. Fast growing in most cases and can be used in many situations - climbing, rambling, trailing, free-standing and makes a great Bonsai. In the colder climates they are considered tender and usually used as either a patio plant and brought under cover in the winter or used as a house plant and maybe placed … Read More >

Convert Your Garden and Patio like a Professional

Do it Yourself – Easy Steps in Converting Your Garden and Patio like a Professional Rather than spending lots of money hiring a professional landscaper, you can convert your garden and patio into a fabulous work of art on your own by doing it yourself. In just a few simple stages you can save money and landscape your property without the high cost of a landscaper. Shape it Up Begin by cleaning up your garden. Get rid of old pots … Read More >

Gardening Ideas to Attract Children

Tips and ideas for encouraging children in the garden As the days get longer during the late Spring and Summer months, gardening outdoors becomes very enticing for adults, but how can it be attractive to children? It may be easy to first invite children to partake in a gardening project; however, holding their interest may be a challenge. Some preplanning on a variety of ways to keep children excited about a gardening project, could lead to a blossoming summer garden … Read More >