The Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden

Gardeners around the World - China History of the Chinese Garden Chinese Gardens were built for royalty and the higher ‘scholar’ classes of China to escape from daily life and contemplate nature as well as providing a spiritual shelter. The gardens were man-made and often featured ponds, pavilions and rockeries. They were designed to show the best parts of nature in an artistic manner. The gardens were designed to provide a sensory experience. For example: through the sound of water and … Read More >

My Container Gardening Tips

my container plants

Gardeners around the World - Singapore  Here are my Container Garden Ideas Many of us live in flats or in places with little outside space for enjoyment. For a gardener like me who lives in a flat with only three square meters worth of space on the balcony, it is quite a challenge to innovate and come up with ideas to maximize the use of space so that I can grow as many plants as I like. One of the ways … Read More >

Japanese Gardening Tips and Ideas

Fundamental Japanese Gardening Tips and Ideas Apart from being a great activity, being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor is also one of best things about gardening. Watching your garden grow over the years and witnessing the product of all your creativity and hard work is indeed rewarding. If you think that a Japanese garden is no different, think again. A Japanese garden has a different kind of natural beauty that you have to learn to value. After … Read More >

A Tropical Garden idea

Lush Garden Planting and pool

Ideas and tips in helping you make a beautiful tropical garden In this day and age, ordinary gardens no longer provide enough impact or life in the surroundings. Tropical gardens are one of the various design types of garden available and for the past few years, the idea of tropical garden has become very popular. In a tropical garden, the usual plants involved are of different colors which are very pleasing to the eye. The colorful and unique appearance of the tropical plants … Read More >