April Garden Tips and Ideas

Gardening Tips for the month of APRIL – Mid Spring

Re-pot any containerised shrubs and small trees
Dahlias – Take cutting from tubers that have new shoots growing
Plant out early potatoes if chitted earlier
Watch out for emerging pests – Aphids indoors or undercover
White flies are about – Be vigilant
Mow the lawn
Sow tomato seeds in indoors – sunny windowsill or propagator – or warm greenhouse
Pond – Divide water lilies
Sow courgette seeds – Windowsill or propagator – Warm greenhouse
Mulch the borders
Plant up containers and baskets under cover – Warm greenhouse – Place outside on warm days
Keep your eye on the watering – Water if dry spell – Especially pots and containers
Watch out for early signs of mildew
Prune evergreen hedges – Showing new growth
Turn the compost
Prune and tidy climbing plants – Ivies in particular
Clematis are starting to grow, tie in any long shoots
Plant out your young sweet pea plants
Sow beetroot seeds
Ventilate greenhouse when necessary
Check for vine weevils – Check for grubs in pots of known hosts
Purchase young plants for growing on – Geraniums, Fuchsias etc
Feed plants now
Sow garden peas outdoors
OK to buy and plant any hardy plants for the garden
Plant asparagus crowns
Last chance for any major pruning of shrubs
Check your seedlings – If ready, start pricking out

Gardening Ideas for the month of APRIL

Install a water butt

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