Gardening can Change your Life

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Gardening, whether it be in your own or a community garden is considered by many to be the most satisfying hobby, pastime or job on earth.

For gardeners, it does not matter what they might be doing in the garden, planting a new Tree or Shrub, admiring the flowers, working on the vegetable plot or just pottering around, they find it satisfying, relaxing, therapeutic and giving them peace of mind into the bargain.

A garden provides a private space of calm in a chaotic world.

We are all different and the garden can be so many things, a place to grow, a place to relax, a place for entertainment, a place to meet other like-minded people and a safe haven.

For garden owners the garden is indispensable because it gives them a space that they can escape to, a world where nature and plants are cultivated, a place where they can tend and care for not only flowers but also fruit and vegetables giving tremendous satisfaction, and what better feeling, you get to pick and eat what you have grown.

For those involved in community gardening in the many community gardens that have developed world wide there is a sense of sharing, a sense of fellowship, a feeling of ‘giving something back’

It’s a great way to meet up with other like-minded people. Just take a look at the photo below, could this colourful enviroment have been created without a community gardening spirit.

So, a garden can change your life in many ways, it can also change the way you live because when you start growing your own environmentally friendly vegetables and produce you will have taken an important step in helping out the environment.

For those that start early on enjoying nature and natural things find that the enjoyment they find in the garden never fades, in many instances it grows and they are at their happiest when outside, among the flowers, butterflies and birds.

Make no mistake, there is work to do and although a garden is unlikely to make you wealthy it will certainly help make you healthy, in body and mind.

Time in the garden is something we can all benefit from, there is no age limit when gardening, the family can involve themselves, most children love to play in the garden but may need some encouragement to fully appreciate the joys of growing and tending.

The oldies and elders, well if they are not actively involved they can just sit and enjoy the surroundings.
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and many other pets love gardens too.

Gardening Inspiration

Inspirational Gardening inThailand
Photo courtesy of Street Art Utopia

Beginners sometimes find it confusing but it does not need to be.

Advice for gardening beginners – Start with easy to grow plants.

Herbs are always popular and there is plenty of information available, both online and in the library.

Herbs like Sage, Rosemary, Thyme and Mint, they can be added into the smallest garden.

Try them in pots, tubs and containers on a patio, a window box or in the garden border.

Most just require sunlight and water.

Plants like Rosemary which is evergreen gives good flavour for the kitchen and adds scent in the garden all year long.

If you want to try some produce then home grown tomatoes have a flavour like no other they are relatively easy, you can grow them under cover in a greenhouse or outside in the vegetable patch. There are plenty of varieties to choose from.

If it is flowers that take your fancy then, what gives a more pleasing sight than a container of beautiful colourful flowers.

All you need is a plant pot or even a small window box, add some compost, bulbs or plants and be rewarded with gorgeous flowers.

And make no mistake, once bitten with the gardening bug, it will stay with you – A bit like riding a bike.

Meet Britain’s most influential gardeners

After all, this is the 21st century, and I thought, is this what is needed to possibly attract more gardening enthusiast’s onboard – A place for everything and everything in its place

Starting a Community Garden

Has a Garden changed your life?


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  1. It’s totally true that gardening becomes an obsession. I tend to fall fast and furious for certain things and I remember at one point, wondering if gardening would be a passing thing, but no, it draws you in! great tips for beginners.

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